Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is your cancellation policy?

Full refund if cancelled 48 hours or more before the Dinating event, no charge for replacement to the event or transfer a ticket and if canceled 48 hours or less prior to the event, may receive full credit to future Dinating event.

Q2.What is the origin of Dinating?

Our Chief Feeding Officer wanted to get involved doing something but never connected with any charity events she went to. She was at an award ceremony for her grandparents receiving a lifetime achievement award and though they have more life to have achieved, there was a feeling like it’s never too early to start. Even if small, start now.
From there, smooshing words is her favorite past time and while on a run, Dining + Donating was smooshed into Dinating. Somewhere around 14th and Montana. The run home was slow but thankfully no one bought the domain or trademarked the word between then and Dinating was official. She had no idea what it would (or will be) but she knew she wanted to Dinate.

Q3.Dinating – like dating?

Not quite. Though, Dinating has been approached by datings sites as many dates are around the eating experience. We see no reason why dating can’t also have a social conscience. In fact, we believe it may even up “points” a potential suitor may get by knowing about and participating in Dinating. We are also waiting for our first “we met at a Dinating dinner” couple to announce their engagement.
We have no doubt that the Dination will organically help bring true love together.

Q4.What is a Dinating Ambassador and how do I get involved?

A Dinating Ambassador is simply someone who believes in the Dination and wants to help grow its reach.  A Dinating Ambassador can help organize a group to volunteer, can invite a group to a Dinating dinner or even someone who tells others about what Dinating is.  The Dination wants everyone and anyone to be involved in any way they want to be!
How? We suggest attending an event or volunteering to learn more about Dinating from a personal experience.  It may shed light on how you want to be involved and what you’d like to be a part of.  From there, the Dination is always looking to grow, to be better and do more so the more Ambassadors the better!

Q5.Who comes to Dinating dinners?

All age groups. The Dinating dinners that are non-privately organized typically range from 25-40 years old. However, we’ve had younger and older Dinators enjoy meeting new people as well.
Dinating on your own or in your home offers you the opportunity to pick who comes so you can control that aspect. Sometimes you may want to meet new people and sometimes you just want to gossip with those you know – either way you can Dinate!

Q6.What if I want to have my own Dinating dinner/event?

GREAT. Pick a restaurant and view past menus, we will help set up a date for the right amount of people, everyone pays on Dinating for the dinner and voila, go, enjoy and Dinate!