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Dinating Hannukah Special

Dination Elation Station! Always wanted to spin a dreidel and donate at the same time?  Light the shamash and give back? Eat a latke and feed a family of 4 for a day? Now you can!

Join us for the brightest first night of Hanukkah ever!  In partnership with The Federation and NuRoots, the Dination is welcoming in the first of eight crazy nights at Chef Akasha’s new restaurant, Sambar in Culver City.

Don’t celebrate but love good food, festive occasions, innovative drinks, photo booths and meeting new people?  Come Dinate!  Everyone is welcome.

To join, check out the menu, salivate, then click on the link below and buy a dinner for yourself, maybe some friends and send it on to anyone else who may want to light up this first night!


Click here to view the menu!

Goat Labneh and Smoky Harissa Latkes
LaunchEvent_FirstNight_V2-min (2) Drink

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