Dinating At Home

How it works (at home):

Now you can Dinate in the comfort of your own home; whatever that means to you! This can be anything from ordering pizza or a backyard BBQ, to a casual or fine dining home-cooked meal! Dinating at home means YOU decide the menu, invite your friends to eat, hang out, and do good all at the same time.

  1. Via email or online invitation, invite your friends to Dinate at Home with you!
  2. Provide them with the link and password created for your specific event. Once your friends have the link, it will direct them to your Dinating at Home Event page on the Dinating.com website. They enter the password and will be redirected to where they can make their donation online.
  3. Each guest is asked to donate $10 which will provide 12 meals to people in need!
  4. Last, and most important, you and your guests eat, drink, talk and hang out while also helping hungry members of your community — how delicious is that!?


Who it benefits:

Dinating partners with SOVA, a local food kitchen, that helps provide groceries to those that suffer from food insecurity. SOVA’s food kitchen services the Greater Los Angeles area and helps people of all ages, ethnicities, religions and race.

We hope you will join us in spreading this Dination, one home at a time!

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